Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Welcome to the Crowdbook Community!

What is a Crowdbook?

A Crowdbook is a nonprofit Open Source Project. We believe in More We – Less Me. I call this production mentality 'Karma Economy'. We think, that books can be more beautiful and more innovative, if we release ourselves from the economical rules of the publisher's industry.

So this is the most important point:
You can not buy a Crowdbook. You have to produce it on your own. The Crowdbook must be free!
So the content is: Free of charge. And it grows, with your help. The Crowdbook shall not replace books or E-Books or Magazines whatever. It shall not produce new (paper) pollution, that's why the layout is based on the so called CF-idea (Creative-Folding). Learn more about the CF-idea here ... (link under construction)

Crowdbook Rules

1. Based on waste

Please only use Waste paper from your office (DIN A4, one side printed, one side blank). For the Hard Cover take old Advertising Brochures or Hardcovers from books you don't need. You even can take used hardcovers like I did with this old moleskine folder.

2. Of course Open Source

Be fair and share your knowledge with us! Did you design a new Layout? Did you research interesting dates for the calendar? Did you make a manual how to build something or improve something in the world. Please share and we will care. Find a list with Open Source Text content here:

3. Grow with the flow

We believe in the demokratic value of remixing. That's why we only use open files such as Word or Power Point instead of PDF or InDesign. Did you create an amazing folding technique – for example for business cards. Share it with us and send us pictures. 

For more We – Less Me.

Welcome to the Crowdbook Community! Welcome to the next Generation of a democrowdic world.


Van Bo Le-Mentzel
Karma Economist

Now it's your turn. Make your own Crowdbook!

Download your favorite edition:

Edition Calendar

Edition Crowdbuilders (Crowdbuilding Academy)

Here are some printed examples: (Edition for Max Gilgenmann) (Edition for Dirk Hendler)

Edition Belletristik (perfect for authors)

Coming soon:
• Edition for designers in berlin (coming in november)

• Edition for mothers and fathers (coming in november)

• Edition Vielfalt (coming in november)

• Edition dan pearlman (bitte mail an

Each Crowdbook is unique!